About Vince — Bio 2.0 (the informal one)

Hi, I’m Vince Kuraitis. Welcome to the e-CareManagement blogsite.

This is Bio 2.0 — more of the personal story, less from the CV.

The World Headquarters of my company — Better Health Technologies, LLC — are located on the second floor of my house, across the hallway from my daughter. Actually, that’s only partially true since we just became empty nesters a few months ago. I miss having my kids around very much. My wife Jill and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary this year.

My passion for disease management (DM) and care coordination dates back to 1995. At that time, due to an open minded CEO boss, I had an unusual set of responsibilities at a Regional Medical Center. My title was VP of Corporate Development (a staff function) & Specialty Services (a line function). I had line responsibilities for almost all the non-inpatient areas of the hospital — including home health, the senior program, behavioral health services, the Ask-A-Nurse program, the diabetes education program, dialysis, health promotion, employee assistance, management contracts with rural hospitals, lab, radiology — the functions that were left when you took away the inpatient beds. These programs operated pretty much as silos — there was little to bring them together.

My “aha” moment came when reading a report entitled “The Promise of Disease Management” by the Boston Consulting Group. I immediately saw DM as the “glue” that could hold together all the dispersed pieces at the Regional Medical Center — an opportunity to create a truly integrated continuum of services, well beyond the acute care services that were our mainstay.

I thought the timing was perfect. We had just put together a strategic plan that envisioned our becoming an integrated delivery system. The Mission Statement on the walls spoke to developing a continuum of care to serve the citizens of the region.

But the timing wasn’t perfect. The Chief Financial Officer scratched his head and asked “Don’t we get paid for procedures and for putting people in beds?”

Since then DM has come a long way. The essence of disease management and care coordination is to connect the array of silos that exist not only in a local health care delivery system, but also across different national sectors of health care.

Since I founded Better Health Tecnologies in 1997, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with companies that look at one or both sides of the same coin:

  • Health care cost trends pushing care away from the hospital and doctors offices and toward people’s homes, communities and workplaces, and
  • Technology trends enabling and pulling care toward environments preferred by patients — their homes, communities and workplaces.

I’ve worked with a wide range of companies, both big and small. BHT health care clients have included health plans, pharma, medical device, DM service organizations, IT, e-Health, remote monitoring, and others. Most recently clients have included several multinational consumer technology companies — companies not traditionally involved in health care, but that have a vision of creating a hybrid of consumer and health care technologies to deliver health and care anywhere.

I’ve held on to my vision of local care providers taking on a greater role in the deliver of chronic care management services. Now, more than a decade after reading “The Promise of Disease Management”, that vision is becoming much closer to being a reality.

I welcome your personal comments and suggestions. Please call me at 208-395-1197 or write me at vincek@bhtinfo.com .

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