Commenting Guidelines


1) Do not sell your vacuum cleaner or other products on the blog.

2) No cussing on the blog.

3) Play nicely with the other people on the blog.

4) Please tell us about any economic relationships that potentially influence your opinions.

5) Postings not in compliance with the blog rules will be removed.  Repeat offenses will result in offenders being asked to blog elsewhere.

Update: July 25, 2009

6) Comments are now moderated and subject to approval due to intolerable amounts of spam.  This blog is NOT your graffitti wall…please be courteous and civil.

7) You may make substantive comments anonymously.  If you wish to do so, please use “Anonymous” as your name and do not link to another website.

8) Comments from made up names such as “Diabetes Manager” or “Chicago Realtor” will be treated as spam and will not be approved.



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