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Eight Reflections From One Year of Blogging

Blogging started as an exercise in business development.  It’s turned into an adventure in personal development. Blogging is more work than I ever imagined. Blogging is also more rewarding than I ever imagined. Think book, not diary  (with gratitude to Guy Kawasaki, How to Change the World blog). Putting up 1/2 baked ideas is a great way to have a dialogue; […]

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Free at Last, Free at Last — “Health 2.0″ is Free at Last!

Bravo, cheers and congratulations to fellow blogger and consultant Matthew Holt.  In a stroke of defiance and brilliance, he has trademarked the term “Health 2.0” and made it available for all to use (presumably except for events that might be confused with his upcoming Health 2.0 conference).  From The Health Care Blog: Yes I’ve trademarked Health2.0. No, […]

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