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Megatrend Spotting: Health Plan Role of Having “Best Data About YOUR Medical Conditions” is Up for Grabs

Who has the most comprehensive data about YOUR clinical conditions? For most people, the answer today is “your health plan”, but it’s not at all clear that health plans will continue to have this role in the future. As physicians and hospitals adopt EHRs, it’s foreseeable that clinical data about patients will be far more […]

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Next Generation Disease Management, ala Google

    Google Wants to Index Your DNA, Too Business Week; April 18, 2008 A few years ago I remember reading a vivid description of how much information is contained in one person’s genetic code:  a stack of phone books high enough to reach the top of the Washington Monument.      Tags: disease management

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How Will the HMO Stock Meltdown Affect Chronic Disease Management?

About three weeks ago Cain Brothers Investment Bankers released a report that foreshadowed the collapse of HMO stock prices that has occurred over the past few days.  The report was entitled: FAREWELL TO A TIME OF PLENTY? Health Plan Strategies for Growth in a More Challenging Market.  Here are a few highlights from the report: Tags: care management, disease management, […]

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21 Surprising Ways Wal-Mart Clinics Will Affect US Healthcare

Jessica Hupp at RN Central writes a thought provoking article titled 20 Surprising Ways Wal-Mart Clinics Will Affect US Healthcare. #20 is “Decreased Continuity of Care”.  I think this one is debatable, and I’ll offer as #21 “Increased Continuity of Care”.   Jessica writes: With traditional doctors, patients have charts and medical records, but at in-store […]

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The PowerPoint — DM Megatrends 2008

Last week I did the major annual tune-up of my presentation on Disease Management Megatrends for the MCOL Future Care Web Summit.  I’m pleased to share a copy of the PowerPoint presentation with you, and I hope you find it useful and provocative.  You can view and/or download a copy here (6MB).  This version contains 77 slides, which […]

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Podcast: The 20 Minute Version of “DM Megatrends”

Over the past week I’ve been doing a major tune-up of my presentation on Disease Management Megatrends for the annual MCOL Future Care Web Summit.  More typically, DM Megatrends is 45–90 minute presentation with accompanying PowerPoint slides. As part of the Web Summit, the good folks at MCOL asked me to do a short podcast on highlights of […]

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Guest post: Health 2.0 Deserves Careful Watching

by David C. Kibbe, MD MBA Dear Colleagues: Thursday I attended a wonderful one day conference, entitled “Health 2.0 — User Generated Health Care.” One of the most interesting events of 2007. Held in San Francisco. I had a chance to talk with Adam Bosworth and Missy Krasner of Google, with Peter Neuport of Microsoft, and […]

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RKA for CDHPs?

One of the most valuable exercises I sometimes go through with clients is a road-kill autopsy (RKA) — examining what went wrong with a business model or a policy that has been driving down healthcare highway ahead of where we are today. I hope we can learn a lesson from the progress (or lack thereof) of Consumer Driven Health Plans […]

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More Evidence Suggesting that Consumer Driven Health Plans Can Have a Negative Impact on Chronic Care

What impact will CDHPs (consumer driven health plans) have on patients with chronic conditions? Jason Shafrin of Healthcare Economist blog refers to a recent study examining this important issue: The authors also found that increased cost sharing led to a slight increase in hospitalizations. However, when the subpopulation of individuals with chronic health conditions is examined, large […]

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