Strategy Consulting

Technology and Health Care Delivery are Shifting from “Hoarding” to “Sharing” Health Information and Workflow—is Your Company Ready?


What’s keeping you up at night?

The Internet and digital technologies have been reshaping industries for the past two decades. Healthcare is next on the list.

Are any of these questions on your mind?

  • What will happen to our company or provider organization as healthcare shifts from an industrial economy to an information/connection economy?
  • How do we adapt our strategy, business model, partnerships?
  • What are new rules for health care disruption?
  • How will we participate in new business ecosystems? Lead? Join? Wait?
  • I’ve heard about network effects, but I’m not sure how they might affect our company. What are opportunities & threats?
  • How can we best create and capture value for patients and customers?
  • How do we play in a market that is increasingly shifting toward new networks, platforms & applications?

Digital networks, platforms and apps are disrupting proprietary, closed technologies and business models. The shift in technology and health care delivery from hoarding to sharing is leading to the era of “strategic openness” in health care—where companies gain competitive advantage from sharing information and workflow.

Does your company:

  • Understand the shifts taking place?
  • Know the right strategy and tactics for sharing health information and workflow?
  • Have your offerings well-positioned within the value network? 

Strategy Consulting

Vince KuraitisWhether you’re an early stage company or a large, established company, I’m ready to assist you in rethinking your strategy, partnerships and business model.

Often companies choose to retain my time and availability as a strategic advisor on an ongoing basis. Here are examples of possible value-added activities:

  • Leading/participating in strategy sessions
  • Advisory board participation
  • Availability for telephone strategy consulting
  • Partnership/business development
  • Review of RFPs
  • Review of proposals
  • Telephonic or in-person assistance with customer sales calls
  • Review company presentation and sales materials
  • Keynote at user group meetings
  • Strategy/briefing sessions for executive team, Board, investors, physicians
  • Strategizing competitive differentiation

Strategy Workshops and Executive Briefings

Do you need a 45-minute keynote to help your audience have the “aha” moment about how digital health and data sharing create disruptive opportunities and threats in healthcare?

A full-day planning session for your board or management team to help you with strategies, a business model, partnerships?

Something in-between?

So What’s it Like Working with Vince?

Here are a few stylistic aspects of my consulting approach, developed through 30 years of experience working with 150+ organizations:

Friendly Devil’s Advocate

Someone needs to ask the hard questions before your customers, board or investors do. I’ve been trained as a debater and attorney, so asking the hard questions comes naturally. Someone has to do it. But don’t worry—I’ll get back on the same of the table with you to explore options and actions.

Follow the Money

People and organizations tend to act in their own economic best interests. At the margin, incentives matter.

New Business Models

The old model of strategy—analyze, plan, commit capital, focus on long-term execution— is dead. It’s replaced with a new approach of constant learning, iteration, fast pivots.

New Rules in a World of Networked Technologies

Almost certainly you and your team will have some unlearning to do. Many other industries have already been undergoing the changes that are coming in health care. We should learn from others’ road kill autopsies.

Big Picture

Most consultants and consulting companies have specialized in a few sectors of healthcare. During my 30 year career, I’ve has worked with 150+ companies across just about every sector of healthcare. Think systems, not silos.

Scenarios Can Facilitate Strategic Dialog

We live in times of high uncertainty. Developing possible scenarios is far more constructive than fortune telling (i.e., predicting or guessing the future). First we need to develop plausible scenarios, then ask, “How do we work to create Scenario X?”

Insight vs. Foresight

Insight helps you see what happened in the rear-view mirror. Foresight gives you a view out the windshield, which is far more valuable.

Plain Old English

In typical projects there are three species of very smart people in the room—clinicians, technologists, business executives (there are often many subspecies, too—lawyers, specialist physicians, systems architects…). Each species has it’s own dialect.

We need a common language and dialect to talk across boundaries, and that dialect is Plain Old English. Often the task at hand is simply getting everyone in the room understanding each others’ mental models and creating a common mental model to act on.


What are your unique needs?

Ensure your company is positioned to profit as technology and health care delivery continues to shift—contact Vince Kuraitis directly at (208) 395-1197.