Diagnostic Accuracy Scores: Physicians 84%, Computer Algorithms 51%

stethoscope lying on keyboard of a laptop

A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine reported on the diagnostic accuracy of physicians vs. computer algorithms. The study compared the performance of one computer symptom checker app to the text based answers of 234 physicians, 90% of whom were general internists. You can read a summary here.

Twitter commentators had a lot to say about this study. There are many possible interpretations and inferences that can be reached. This post tries to capture some of the main themes:

  1. “Physicians Vastly Outperformed”
  2. Computer Algorithms are Gaining…
  3. …and Will Surpass MDs…but how soon?
  4. There’s a Lot of Room for Improvement
  5. The Devil is in the Details
  6. Better to Collaborate than Compete

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