eCollaboration Forum at HIMSS12 — SOLD OUT! 2/23 Webinar Still Available


The inaugural eCollaboration Forum taking place at HIMSS12 on Thursday, February 23, 2012 in Las Vegas is SOLD OUT!

A webinar is available to those who will not be in Las Vegas:

Theme — Collaborative Platforms and Applications in Health Care

This is the Health IT industry’s first-ever event focusing on collaborative health platforms and applications! We take an expansive view of platforms and will be exploring the required technologies, business ecosystems, and clinical care delivery needed to achieve accountable care.

It is also the first event ever that HIMSS has partnered with an outside organization to produce a “conference-within-a-conference”, as well as the first event of it’s kind focused on collaborative platforms and how they enable new models of care delivery and new business models for health care!

Full agenda:

8:00am – Opening Keynote eCollaboration: Think Globally, Act Locally, Put the Patient First
Emerging strategies for care coordination in the era of information overload

  • John Mattison, MD, Assistant Medical Director, Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente

8:30am – Chairman’s Opening Remarks

8:45am – Supporting New Models of Care Through Collaboration with States & Vendors
Innovative tools are needed to support new models of care delivery driven by quality initiatives and payment reform. A unique consortium of states, EHR vendors, and HIE have come together to drive towards standardization of a platform that will enable the development of new applications and tools.

9:15am – Collaborative Care: An Economic Imperative for Care Delivery Systems
Care delivery costs are rising; Patient Center Medical Home (PCMH) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) reforms are looming. Collaborative workflow can help you manage the combined pressures to reform.

9:45am – Networking Break

10:05am – Platform Innovation in an ‘Open’ Environment
Open platforms. Open data. What does open mean? How do different levels of “open-ness” lead to different kinds of innovation?

10:45am – Health IT Platforms and Accountable Care

11:15am – New Risks & Rewards – How Health IT Supports the Changing Business of Healthcare
Payers have long played a part in the development of health IT innovation. As we trend toward interoperable health IT infrastructure, what role will payers play?

12:00pm – Networking Lunch

1:00pm – Interoperability: It’s Not Just Technical, It’s Personal

  • Moderator: West Shell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Healthline
  • ePatient Dave deBronkart, Chair, Society for Participatory Medicine; patient engagement advocate
  • Meg McCabe, Head of Consumer Solutions, Aetna
  • David Rowe, Global Director of Consumer Product Marketing, GE Healthcare IT

1:40pm – The Cloud as a Platform (for Platforms)
The cloud is rapidly becoming the infrastructure on which platforms live, for cost, security and reliability. What does this mean for healthcare?

2:10pm – Platform as a Strategy for Healthcare: Salesforce
One of the most successful platforms in the world, Salesforce, does over 300 million transactions a day via APIs. Salesforce’s Director of Health Strategy sits down with the CEO of upstart eVariant to discuss how to leverage this kind of power as a healthcare strategy.. and why it’s an inevitable shift in health IT.

  • Joshua Newman, MD, MSHS, Director of Product Management and Health Strategy,
  • William Moschella, Co-founder, CEO, eVariant

2:40pm – Developing Trust in the Health Internet as a Platform
Effective exchange of any resource requires deep trust, following from the right architecture and the right rules. What tools, technologies and rules must we decide upon to establish trust in the internet as the platform for health care?

3:20pm – Afternoon Break

3:40pm – View from the Edge: Driving Innovation in Shifting the Center of Health IT

4:30pm – The Future of Health Platforms
Drawing upon lessons learned from outside health care, explore the future of platform technologies and business ecosystems in the future of care delivery and care coordination.

5:00p – Closing Remarks and Program Adjournment


To attend the live webinar:

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