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Markle v. HIMSS: Differing Views of “Meaningful Use” and “Certification”








The forthcoming definition of the “meaningful use” of health information technology will set the direction of the Obama administration’s strategy for health IT adoption, said David Blumenthal, the new national coordinator for health IT. Government HealthIT, April 28, 2009

…but not everyone sees eye-to-eye on the definitions of “meaningful use” and “certification”.  [See the first post in this series for a refresher on the dog (disruptive innovator) and cat (incumbent EHR vendor) points of view.]

Markle Foundation –  Best Articulation of the Dog (Disruptive Innovator) POV 

Achieving the Health IT Objectives of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
A Framework for ‘Meaningful Use’ and ‘Certified or Qualified’ EHR
Markle Foundation; April 30, 2009

HIMSS and EHRA — Best Articulation of the Cat (Incumbent EHR Vendor) POV 

HIMSS Publishes Its Definitions of ‘Meaningful Use’
HIMSS News; April 27, 2009

HIMSS Electronic Health Record Association Executives Testify at NCVHS Hearings on ‘Meaningful Use’ Criteria
RedOrbit; April 28, 2009

Many Others Weigh In….

Making “Meaningful Use” Well… Meaningful
Chilmark Research blog; April 30, 2009 

Hearing on “Meaningful Use” of Health Information Technology (Agenda shown, with transcripts pending)
National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) Hearing; April 28–29, 2009 

Let’s Limit ‘Meaningful Use’ of EHRs to What Really Works
BNET Healthcare; April 29, 2009

NCVHS Testimony about Meaningful Use
“Life as A Healthcare CIO” blog, John Halamka MD; April 29, 2009 

AHIMA Statement on Meaningful Use 4-29-09
AHIMA; April 29, 2009 

CCHIT delivers testimony on EHR certification and “meaningful use”
EHR Decisions (CCHIT); April 29, 2009

Testimony on HIT “Meaningful Use” at NCVHS April 28, 2009  (Blackford Middleton)
Partners Clinical Informatics R&D; April 28, 2009

NCVHS Testimony on Meaningful Use (Fred Trotter)
Fred Trotter blog; April 28, 2009 

An Open Letter to the New National Coordinator for Health IT – Untying HITECH’s Gordian Knot: Part 1
The Health Care Blog; April 26, 2009 

Defining “Meaningful” Use of Health IT
Curing Healthcare blog; April 30, 2009 

Human Factors Can Assist With Appropriate Implementation of Health Information Technology
The Human Factor Advocate blog; April 29, 2009

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