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Medicare Medical Home Demo (MMHD) is in BIG Trouble

Between the time the MMHD was authorized in 2006 and now, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work in Medicare care coordination programs. The MMHD is between a rock and a hard place — conflicted by two “must achieve” objectives that are diametrically opposed:

  • As a political matter, the MMHD must save money
  • As currently structured, the MMHD cannot save money

Please read my guest post

The Medicare Medical Home Demonstration (MMHD): Between a Rock and a Hard Place

over at Pharos Innovations new blog: The Collaborative Forum.

Is there a way out from between the rock and the hard place?  In Part II of this series, Dr. Randy Williams will discuss options.

Disclosure: Pharos Innovations is a client of Better Health Technologies, LLC.

Article Series - Medicare Medical Home Demo Challenges

  1. Medicare Medical Home Demo (MMHD) is in BIG Trouble
  2. Part II — The Medicare Medical Home Demonstration: Crawling Out From Under the Rock

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