MIT Platform Strategy Summit, Boston, July 10


Healthcare has been a laggard in adopting platforms…

…but that’s rapidly changing. In fact, I’ll suggest that healthcare will become the PINNACLE platform industry.


  • Many value propositions are very strong — literally “life-or-death”.
  • Acute and episodic care has focused on relatively discrete, time-limited events; the emerging model of chronic care and population health requires ongoing collaboration among care providers and patients.
  • Many of the value propositions of digital health are dependent upon development of interoperable platforms. For example, non-interoperable platforms would NOT work for:
    • The patient who shows up unconscious in an emergency room away from home
    • Patients with chronic conditions who are treated by multiple providers, multiple lab and imaging centers, and over a long period of time
    • Referrals to specialists using non-standardized, proprietary health IT
  • The healthcare data explosion. Think “omics”.

Healthcare has much to learn from platform development in other industries…and you can take a deep dive into platform strategies at the upcoming MIT Platform ¬†Strategy Summit, July 10 in Boston.

I’ll be chairing a panel on “Healthcare’s Digital Revolution: Emerging Platform Leaders”. The distinguished panelists are:

Michael Salerno – EVP Cohealo
Julie Yoo – Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Kyruus
Mark Dudman – Senior VP, NaviNet
Michael Jackson – GM, Intel Corporation

Other speakers at the event include:

Paul Daugherty – CTO, Accenture
Geoff Parker – Director, Tulane Energy Institute / MIT
Chet Kapoor – CEO, Apigee
Sangeet Choudary – Founder, Platform Labs
Luis von Ahn – Founder, DuoLingo & MacArthur Fellow
Malcolm Frank – CSO, Cognizant
Jerry Wolfe – CEO, Vivanda
Chris Dellarocas – Chair Digital Learning Initiative / BU
Eddie Hartman – Founder, LegalZoom
Youngcho Chi, EVP Corporate Strategy, Samsung Electronics
Marshall Van Alstyne – Professor, Boston University / MIT
JP Rangaswami – CDO, Deutsche Bank

Hope to see you there!