The Emerging Market in Health Care Innovation
Tilman Ehrbeck, Nicolaus Henke, and Thomas Kibasi
McKinsey Quarterly May 2010
McKinsey conducted research in partnership with the World Economic Forum to study the most promising novel forms of health care delivery and, in particular, to understand how these innovations changed its economics.

The Delineation of Home Healthcare: The Natural Evolution of a Healthy Industry
Wyatt Matas & Associates (investment bankers), April 2010
This whitepaper discusses the opportunity for home healthcare to become the center of chronic care disease management and identifies a particular business model that some more advanced companies are implementing.

EHR Software Market Share Analysis
Chris Thorman
Software Advice; May 14, 2010
A substantive analysis of a tricky market – physician EHRs.

Disease Management: Does it Work?
Jill Bernstein, Deborah Chollet, and G. Gregory Peterson
Mathematica Issue Brief; May 17, 2010
Mathematica revisits a debate that’s raged for over a decade:

  • Not yet consensus that DM works
  • Relatively effective disease management programs have some characteristics in common:
    • They use individualized case management.
    • They contact patients in person, not just by phone.
    • They focus on hospital discharges as key opportunities to improve health outcomes.
    • They encourage patients to use effective treatments by reducing cost-sharing for these treatments.

Large Healthcare Purchaser Takes Risky Leap into ACOs
Janice Simmons
HealthLeaders; April 8, 2010
An early ACO (accountable care organization) experiment worth putting on your radar screen.

gloStream Announces Electronic Medical Record Industry’s Only Data Portability Promise
gloSstream Press Release; April 6, 2010
A feisty EHR vendor bucks the traditional HIT business model of “lock-in through proprietary software”

Internet Trends Powerpoint
Mary Meeker, Scott Devitt, Liang Wu
Morgan Stanley; April 12, 2010
Mobile will be bigger than desktop Internet in 5 years

The State of the Internet Operating System
Tim O’Reilly
O’Reilly Radar; March 29, 2010
“This is the crux of my argument about the internet operating system. We are once again approaching the point at which the Faustian bargain will be made: simply use our facilities, and the complexity will go away.”

Who Moved My Images?
Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance; April 15, 2010
My question after reading this: Care providers, especially hospitals, are highly interested in vendor offerings that help them achieve meaningful use (MU), and NOT interested in offerings that don’t relate directly to achieve meaningful use (MU). Is this whitepaper an early sign of industry associations attempting to maintain relevance by clamoring to be included in MU criteria?

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  5. It’s nice to see that vendors are recognizing the importance of data portability but I don’t think gloStream’s approach will be very useful. They promise to provide data in “Microsoft Office Formats”. These are probably less than useless.

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