Presentation Slides: Strategy & Business Models in Healthcare Blockchains


Here’s a copy of my slides from my keynote presentation at The Healthcare Blockchain Summit in Washington D.C. The presentation is titled:

Blockchains in Healthcare: Transforming Strategy & Business Models?

After reviewing some industry background and analysis of trends, consider 7 key implications:

  1. Beware of “yellow flag” blockchain tech terminology: “could”, “possible”, “promising”.
  2. Digital strategy is different than industrial era business strategy.
  3. IMO, the most likely scenario for blockchain tech in healthcare is slow, steady growth over the next decade. After critical mass is reached, network effects will kick in and growth rates will increase dramatically.
  4. There are many promising initial use cases. However, IMO initial use cases are more likely to focus on efficiency value propositions and are less likely to be disruptive.
  5. The blockchain world MUST understand “platform” economy structure, rules & strategy.
  6. Incumbents can use blockchain tech to their advantage.
  7. Anticipate cross-industry competition; companies from outside the industry — especially large tech co.s — will enter healthcare.

Comments, suggestions & pushback greatly appreciated.


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