Adieu, LifeCOMM

“Qualcomm pulls the plug on LifeComm”  announced Brian Dolan of mobihealthnews recently. 

As demonstrated by e-CareManagement blog readership, there has been a lot of interest in LifeCOMM.  My first blog post on LifeCOMM in 2007 has been single the most commented on post and the second most widely read blog post.

It’s taken me a while to sift through my thoughts and feelings about saying “Goodbye” to LifeCOMM. At first I was deeply disappointed, but after further reflection think that LifeCOMM wasn’t the right type of platform for today’s consumer mobile health market.


My first reaction was one of disappointment.

Links: May 29, 2007

More information on LifeComm, the QUALCOMM sponsored health care MVNO

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Disease Management Going Mobile & Retail: QUALCOMM’s Health Care MVNO

An article in Wireless Week announces the creation of a new species: a health care MVNO named LifeComm. LifeComm promises to move disease management, wellness, and fitness into new territories.

What is a MVNO?

More acronyms!  What is a MVNO? A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a mobile operator that does not own its own spectrum and usually does not have its own network infrastructure. Instead, MVNOs have business arrangements with traditional mobile operators to buy minutes of use (MOU) for sale to their own customers.

You’ve seen MVNOs advertised on TV: Amp’d Mobile, Disney Mobile, ESPN Mobile.

What Will the LifeComm MVNO Do?

Here’s some information from the Wireless Week article: