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EHR 2.0: Thinking Outside the Cat Box

One of the potential dangers of limiting $17 B HITECH federal stimulus funds to electronic health records (EHRs) is the risk of locking-in outdated technologies. Let’s consider what this might mean. If you think of today’s EHR technology as EHR 1.0, what might EHR 2.0 look like? This post presents a number of innovative ways to conceptualize EHR […]

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How Should Fed HIT Dollars Be Spent? Cat vs. Dog POV.

“Where’s the single best place to get up to speed on how the Feds should  spend $20 billion to advance health information technology (HIT)?” A colleague asked me this question a couple of days ago, and at first I hesitated.  Then it struck me — Matthew Holt’s The Health Care Blog has become the focal point for […]

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