The Future of Platforms in Healthcare — Updated PowerPoint

by Vince Kuraitis and Shahid Shah

We are pleased to offer you our updated perspectives on the future of platforms in healthcare.

Click here for a copy of our joint presentation at the 9th Annual Healthcare Unbound Conference. This is an update from our earlier joint presentation at the eCollaboration Forum as part of HIMSS 12.

What’s different in the marketplace over the past few months? Three key observations:

1) The trend toward platform adoption is accelerating and becoming more clearly understood. The requirements of Stage 2 Meaningful Use are a major catalyst, and in turn platforms are a critical enabler of health information exchange (the verb).

2) We are learning that “data platform” adoption is occurring more rapidly than the adoption of other types of platforms. While there are may elements to platform openness, we have long believed that data portability (separating data from applications) is an essential first step.

Why is there more rapid uptake on data platforms? We’ll speculate on a couple of reasons. First, the Federal promotion of “Government as Platform” generally and specifically CMS’ recent proposals relating to platforms for Knowledge Discovery Infrastructure (see slides 47-61).

Second, application platforms are more likely to involve shared workflow among care providers, not just shared data. Not unexpectedly, we are learning that sharing workflow is much tougher, but we believe in the long run will provide dramatic new levels of value.

3) Expect to see continuing marketplace battles among walled garden (semi-open) and open platforms. As one example, several recent market analyses (e.g., Chilmark, IDC) document more rapid adoption of private, walled garden HIEs (health information exchanges — the noun) than for more open state or regional HIEs.

There are good arguments for both walled garden and more open platforms. More on this topic later.

Again, you can click here for a copy of our presentation.


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