Welcome to the Blogosphere! Voice on Population Health

The Care Continuum Alliance announces a timely new blog: Voice on Population Health.


Tracey Moorhead, President and CEO of the Care Continuum Alliance, writes today’s inaugural post. She persuasively notes the increasing importance of the full continuum of population health interventions – wellness, prevention and other approaches to improving health, reducing disease risk and raising productivity.

Bob Laszewski’s essay on today’s THCB resonated with me: 2012: A Year of Huge Uncertainty in Health Care Policy. In my 30 years in health care, I have never seen more uncertain and fluid times.

Yet in times of uncertainty and confusion, it’s important to focus on what IS certain and predictable. The need for population health approaches is one of those certainties. While care providers are recognizing the need to develop and invest in strong care management abilities, health plans are redoubling their efforts to develop these capabilities in-house.

Tracey’s first post includes a link to the CCA’s new white paper: Key Issues in Population Health Management: Key Industry Issues for 2012.  Check it out.

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