“86% of healthcare CEOs believe technological advances will transform their businesses in the next five years.” PwC, 2014

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POV and Key Themes

Digital networks, platforms and apps are disrupting proprietary, closed technologies and business models.

Healthcare is transforming from “hoarding” to “sharing” health information and workflow.

The shift from hoarding to sharing is leading to the era of “strategic openness” in health care – where companies gain competitive advantage from sharing information and workflow.

The transformation of our current healthcare non-system is already underway. Track the progress of the transformation here.

Healthcare is joining the digital economy. Drawing from lessons being learned by innovators in healthcare and other industries, you’ll discover frameworks and examples of how companies and care providers are creating and capturing value in new ways.

About e-CareManagement Blog

Started in 2007, the e-CareManagement blog is different from other healthcare industry blogs.

Most other industry blogs bring a siloed POV — perspective and advocacy for unique industry stakeholders, e.g., hospitals, physicians, pharma, IT, etc.

I believe health and healthcare need to be built around the needs of our patients, not the needs of industry participants. A patient centric approach also promises the most powerful business models — ones with strong network effects.

This blog focuses ACROSS healthcare industry sectors — breaking down the silos of healthcare to improve care coordination, chronic disease management, sharing of information and clinical workflow to benefit our patients.

Topics addressed in the e-CareManagement blog weave together

  • Information and communication technologies
  • Care coordination and chronic disease management
  • Healthcare entering the digital economy — networks, platforms, apps
  • Strategy and business models

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About Vince Kuraitis JD, MBA

Throughout this website you’ll see references and testimonials from clients and industry executives. Others’ comments are a lot more powerful than anything I might say.

Since 1997 I’ve been Principal of my own independent healthcare consulting company — Better Health Technologies, LLC.Better Health Technologies, LLC

As an industry exec and consultant with 30+ years of experience, I’ve worked with over 150 companies across virtually every sector of healthcare: hospitals, physician groups, medical devices, pharma, health plans, disease management, information technology, home health, and others.

Overall, my clients are about 50% large, established organizations and 50% early stage companies.

My education includes JD and MBA degrees from UCLA, and a BS in Business Administration from USC (yes, this is very conflicting).

If you’re interested in more details, here’s a link to a brief bio .

On the personal side, I live in Boise, ID with my wife of 33 years–Jill–and my two grown children. I love Idaho outdoor life — mountain biking, skiing, fishing, hiking…the wildlife!

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