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Patient Digital Health Platforms…A First Take

Have you noticed how many large consumer tech companies have thrown their hat into the digital health platforms ring? Apple HealthKit Samsung Digital Health Initiative QualcommLife/2net Microsoft HealthVault Google Android Wear & Google Fit WebMD Healthy Target Intel Basis Facebook ProtoGeo Oy Salesforce Wear Amazon Wearable Technology Store Sony SmartWear How does all this fit […]

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Healthcare Transformation: Coping With the Neutral Zone

I’m being asked the same series of questions a lot lately: Do you think the changes occurring in US healthcare are real?  Are we truly moving away from rewarding volume of care under fee-for-service (FFS) and toward value-based payment and delivery? Are the changes past the point of no return? Will the economic interests of […]

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Healthcare Social Media: Real Engagement or Fluff?

Reprinted courtesy of mcol Today’s Topic Would your personal experiences and observations of healthcare social media indicate that real engagement is generally occurring, or to-date Is it mostly just promotion and marketing “fluff” that is being facilitated – and how can healthcare engagement objectives be better met? Cyndy Nayer President, CyndyNayer.com Founder, Center for Health […]

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Healthcare Unbound PowerPoint Presentation: “Replatforming Healthcare”

The Rules are changing. Eight new rules are guiding healthcare disruptors: No tag for this post.

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My Health Information Should PRECEDE Me, Not Just Follow Me

To state the obvious, there are times when the value of information depends on timing. Sometimes information needs to be provided in advance. Consider a few examples. How valuable would the following types of information be to you? From your GPS car navigation device: “You should have turned off at the last freeway exit”. From […]

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Quiz: Is Healthcare Next on the List?

Pop quiz: What do address books, video cameras, pagers, wristwatches, maps, books, travel games, flashlights, home telephones, cash registers, Walkmen, day timers, alarm clocks, answering machines, The Yellow Pages, wallets, keys, transistor radios, personal digital assistants, dashboard navigation systems, newspapers and magazines, directory assistance, travel and insurance agents, restaurant guides and pocket calculators all have […]

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3 Critical Elements of Clinical Collaboration

A colleague recently wrote to me and asked me my definition of “collaboration”. It doesn’t mean that care providers need to hug each other and sing Kumbaya. Ideally, care providers will like each other, but that’s not foundational. I see 3 critical elements to clinical collaboration: No tag for this post.

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Editorial: A Duty to Share Patient Information

by Vince Kuraitis and Leslie Kelly Hall, Senior Vice President, Policy, Healthwise. The sharing of patient information in the US is out of whack — we lean far too much toward hoarding information vs. sharing it. While care providers have an explicit duty to protect patient confidentiality and privacy, two things are missing: the explicit […]

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“It’s the Data, Stupid”

Where will the next layer of value in health care come from? This is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words. Source: Boston Consulting Group, Health Reform Should Focus on Outcomes, Not Costs, October 2012   No tag for this post.

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