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MCOL Thought Leaders: Implications of Narrow Networks

  ow far will the trend towards narrower health plan networks go – and what are the implications?”     Alexander DomaszewiczPrincipal,Mercer   ACA legislation put many guardrails on health program design – premium cost sharing must be affordable based on percent of pay and cost sharing through design requires at least a 60% value plan. […]

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Universal American: A “Healthy Collaboration”

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH; originally posted at ACO Watch I intended to post updates from Aetna and Cigna next in this series, yet today I received a tweet by Vince Kuraitis, aka @VinceKuraitis, calling attention to Universal American a managed care player I’ve not spent much time on. Yet they present a rather interesting […]

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ACOs: We’re NOT There Yet

by Brian Klepper On The Health Care Blog, veteran analyst Vince Kuraitis reviews a report from the consulting firm Oliver Wyman (OW), arguing that the trend toward reconfiguring health systems to deliver more accountable care is more widespread than any of us suspect. “The healthcare world has only gotten serious about accountable care organizations in […]

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Good or perfect: Cutting the fastest path forward

Guest post by Patrick Gordon, Director, Colorado Beacon Consortium Early pioneers to Colorado did not have the luxury of waiting for railway or infrastructure to be in place before taming a new frontier. Their vision and determination laid the foundation for the settlers who followed. They used the tools and talents they had to develop an […]

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HealthCamp Oregon, Oct 22 — Hope to See You There!

.       .  . by Nate DiNiro HealthCamp Oregon is organizing 2 events during the 3rd week of October in Portland, Oregon. The events will focus on Healthcare, Health IT, the ePatient & Participatory Medicine movement and all-things Healthcare Transformation!   The first event, a panel that will focus on the impact of […]

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“The Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Engaging Patients”…and the Why

Hi all, my name is Howard Rosen (Founder & CEO of LifeWIRE Corp), co-author of the recently published white paper report entitled “Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Engaging Patients.” You can access a copy here through the Institute for Health Technology Transformation (scroll down to “Whitepapers”.) According to the Pew Internet and […]

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Crowdsourcing the Future: Health 2.0 and HIPAA

Deven McGraw is the Director of the Health Privacy Project at the Center for Democracy & Technology.  The Health 2.0 movement has seen incredible growth recently, with new tools and services continuously being released. Of course, Health 2.0 developers face a number of challenges when it comes to getting providers and patients to adopt new […]

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Things we are grateful for this year

This post was written by Alexandra Drane and the Engage With Grace team. To learn more please go to www.engagewithgrace.org. For three years running now, many of us bloggers have participated in what we’ve called a “blog rally” to promote Engage With Grace – a movement aimed at making sure all of us understand, communicate, […]

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Testing Technology vs. Enabling a System of Chronic Care – Results of the NIH Tele-HF Trial

by Randy Williams, MD FACC, CEO of Pharos Innovations The results from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-sponsored Tele-HF trial are in, and the findings are worth considering . The results are counter to most of the findings of other studies examining telemonitoring for heart failure and at face value are disappointing to us, and the […]

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