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Open.Epic: A (Not So Open) API

If one more person describes Epic’s new API as being “open”, I’m going to turn purple. Don’t let the URL fool you: http://open.epic.com/ Last week EHR vendor Epic unveiled it’s new API (application programming interface) targeted at developers — more specifically at remote patient monitoring companies and health/wellness apps or portals. Epic seems to have […]

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Could Google+ Be Your Platform for Care Coordination?

An earlier post — Could Facebook Be Your Platform for Care Coordination? —  resonated well with folks. Readers and commenters (on e-CareManagement and The Health Care Blog) quickly grasped that a social networking platform could play a very useful role in coordinating our health care, yet also agreed with the conclusion that Facebook wasn’t  “it”. So let’s ask […]

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Part Deux: A Rebuttal to PHR Luddites

By now most people understand the promise of pharmaceuticals being customized to “YOU” based on your individual genetic code.  While this isn’t prevalent today, we understand that this will be possible in a few years. Let’s take a minute to consider the mechanics of how this will occur. You’ve received a prescription, and it directs the […]

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A Rebuttal to PHR Luddites

Unlike some of my colleagues, I’m not losing ANY sleep over whether personal health record (PHR) systems ultimately will be adopted and used by patients. In my mind, the issue isn’t WHETHER, but WHEN. Yes, I know that adoption has lagged and that surveys suggest 7% or less of the U.S. population has used a […]

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Through the Lens of Disruptive Innovation: Why Direct is a Hit and PCAST is an Outcast

(click on the graphics to link to original sources) Regular readers know that I find Professor Clay Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation to be a useful lens to explain industry evolution. Let’s look at two recent health IT initiatives and see why one is working and the other is stalled. Tags: disruptive innovation, EHR, interoperability

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Electronic Health Information Exchange — Way More Complicated Than Getting Money from an ATM

“If banks can exchange funds electronically through the ATM system, why can’t my doctor and hospital exchange information electronically?” Keith Boone’s concise article “A Doctor is Not a Bank” explains why this conclusion about healthcare interoperability is overly-simplistic. …and Keith’s article reminded me of an even deeper explanation presented in the National Academies’ Frontiers of Engineering […]

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Top 20 iPhone Medical Apps: No Connection to EHRs…Yet

iMedicalApps recently published its list of Top 20 Free iPhone Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals. What struck me about the list is that the state-of-the-art is stand alone applications — I didn’t see any that had any connection to an EHR (electronic health record).  Here’s the top 5 to give you a flavor of what’s […]

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Doctors Love iPads. What Does it Mean? What Does it Mean?

After attending the largest annual health IT conference of the year — HIMSS 11 –  John Moore reported that “nearly every EHR vendor has an iPad App for the EHR [electronic health record], or will be releasing such this year.” Doctors love iPads…not surprising? But, how might you explain this? There are at least two different […]

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Complimentary Webinar — An Impending Marriage: Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Care Management Software

Webinar Title: An Impending Marriage: Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Care Management Software The presentation will be geared at practicing clinical case managers in health plans, hospitals, disease management companies, and similar organizations: Describe market forces driving integration of EHRs and care management software.  Review care management software survey data and stimulus funding for EHR adoption.  […]

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