Healthcare Unbound PowerPoint Presentation: “Replatforming Healthcare”


The Rules are changing.

Eight new rules are guiding healthcare disruptors:

  1. Networks and Network Effects, not silos
  2. Platforms, not just products
  3. Business Ecosystems, not just business models of individual companies
  4. Pull, not just push
  5. Patient Access & Control, not just provider control of health records
  6. Strategic Openness, not “Hoarding” of data and workflow
  7. Personalized Context, not just centralized locations
  8. Digital Value Creation, not just physical value creation

Rules #1 and 6 are previewed in the PowerPoint slides of my presentation at the 10th Annual Healthcare Unbound conference.

Click here for a copy.

“What about the other 6 rules?” you ask.

Please stay tuned.  Starting in August I’ll be holing up in our family mountain cabin…and writing…and writing. Many blog posts and book are in the works. Your feedback and support are greatly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Healthcare Unbound PowerPoint Presentation: “Replatforming Healthcare”

  1. When Vince writes, we all benefit! Looking forward to your fresh mountain air inspiration.

  2. I believe you are right conceptually, but just don’t see a lot of progress re the connectivity and network ideal. In our comunity multiple hospitals, most providers, most labs all keep much info propriatary and accessible only with much effort and paper pushing, not electronically. Hope this improves.

  3. Dr. Pullen, You’re correct — this isn’t where the market is today, but is much more a picture of where it inevitably is going to be in the coming years. There are however many early examples of early adopters. Please continue to watch this blog over the coming months for specifics.


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