PatientPing, Platforms, and Health Care Transformation


It’s challenging, rewarding and fun to be an ongoing advisor to early-stage companies like PatientPing!

PatientPing is an incredibly promising company developing platforms for health care system collaboration and transformation. Late last year they received a Series B round of  $31.6 M, with investors to-date having included Andreesen Horowitz, Leerink Transformation Partners, Google Ventures, SV Capital, and Fidelity FPrime Capital.

I was recently interviewed by Marketing Manager Laura Bresnahan for a “Four Questions Series” blog post. The four questions addressed are:

  1. Do you expect investments in care coordination to increase or decrease over the next 10 years?

  2. What challenges are value-based care programs facing today?

  3. What are some of the biggest challenges or hurdles for healthcare providers?

  4. What technologies or companies have you seen making an impact across the healthcare landscape?

Read the post here.

A key takeaway: “…healthcare desperately needs to capitalize on the network effect, but this can’t happen until healthcare embraces platform companies to support this business model.”



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