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HIE, mobility, open platforms start to knock down ‘walled gardens’ of proprietary EMRs
FierceEMR; October 21, 2010

Mobile health developers see bright future ahead
HealthcareIT News; October 20, 2010

Unlikely Allies
HealthLeaders; July 15, 2010

Remote monitoring: Out of sight, right in line
ACP Internist, March 2010

Health 2.0 Meets Government Stimulus
NetworkWorld; July 8, 2009

Stimulus: Is $19 Billion Right Rx for Health IT?
EE Times; February 20, 2009

New Frontiers in PHRs
Digital Healthcare and; September 23, 2008

Medical home leading to greater collaboration
Multiplayer initiatives gain steam
Disease Management Advisor, September 2008

Insiders Insights: Advanced Monitoring
Health Leaders, March 2008

Chronic Disease Management Megatrends 2008 (6MB)
PowerPoint Presentation
MCOL Future Care WebSummit, January 2008

Looking Into the DM Crystal Ball: Greater Integration Expected in 2008
Disease Management Advisor, January 2008

What Will Microsoft’s HealthVault Mean to the Telehealth Community?
Connected Health Forum, October 2007

Google Gathers Group of Health Advisors; July 23/30, 2007

Disease Management and the Medical Home: Competing or Complementary?
Disease Management and Health Outcomes, 2007

Disease management programs seek to move care from the episodic to the holistic
Healthcare Informatics, February 2007

Medicare Pilot Off to Rocky Start
Heathcare IT News; December 1, 2006

Chronic Conditions, Novel Solutions
Healthcare Informatics, November 2006

Hospital At Home: Extending the Continuum
PowerPoint Presentation
Care Continuum Congress, Washington, DC; October 2006

Anticipation Grows for At-Home Tech
Healthcare IT News; August 1, 2006

PowerPoint Presentation
Healthcare Unbound: State of the Union
Opening Keynote Presentation, Healthcare Unbound 3 Conference, Boston, July 2006

PowerPoint Presentation
CDHPs + DM = Population Health?
MCOL Defined Care Web Summit, March 2006

Tech Trends: Disease Management
Healthcare Informatics, February 2006

Cutting Costs With Disease Management
Healthcare Informatics, November 2005

Audio & Video Webcast
DM Technology: State of the Art & Science: 2005 and Beyond
International Disease Management Association, August 2005

PowerPoint Presentation
Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHPs) and DM: Screeching Noise or Harmony?
MCOL Defined Care Web Summit, April 2005

HRAs vs. HSAs: Which Type of Plan Favors the Pharmacy Benefit?
Drug Benefit News; April 15, 2005

PowerPoint Presentation
Medicare Chronic Care Improvement Project (CCIP): Update & Implications
National Managed Health Care Congress, Washington D.C.
March 9, 2005

Risky Business
Major corporations accept the challenge to make disease management work.
Healthcare Informatics, March 2005

PowerPoint Presentation
Spinning Over RPM? State of the Market 2005
HIMSS 2005 Conference Proceedings, February 2005

DM Industry Jumps for Joy Over Medicare’s Leap of Faith
Managed Care Magazine, October 2004

PowerPoint Presentation
Chronic Care Improvement Under the Medicare Modernization Act: The CMS Chronic Care Improvement Phase I RFP
Presented at the MCOL Medicare Reform Web Summit , May 2004

The Pendulum Swings: Specialization vs. Integration
Home Health Care Technology Report, March/April 2004

e-Health Comes Calling
Healthcare Informatics, March 2004

Your Daily Digital Doctor
MIT Technology Review; February 20, 2004

Expect Greater Use of eHealth in DM in 2004 — 7 Key Trends Focus on Integration of Technologies, Convergence of Devices
Disease Management News; January 10, 2004

Remote Patient Monitoring Inching Its Way into DM
Disease Management News; October 10, 2002

Remote Monitoring May Offer Savings, But Health Plans Remain Skeptical
Managed Care Week; August 26, 2002

IT Technology Enhances DM Tools
HR Magazine, January 2002

Making Disease Management Work
HR Magazine, January 2002

Aligning Forces: Evolution of Disease Management for the 21st Century
Minnesota Physician, January 2002

Disease Management: A Win-Win Game Plan
HR Magazine, December 2001

Make/buy/assemble? Why DM Assembling is Gaining Ground
Internet Healthcare Strategies, August 2001

HMOs Need to Share Gains of DM Programs
Managed Care, July 2001

Five Critical Observations About Disease Management Assembling
Informatics Review, July 2001

Mergers, Acquisitions Afoot In the Disease Management Industry
Managed Care, September 2000

Steering Clear of Pitfalls in Physician Web Sites
ACP-ASIM Observer, September 2000

A First Look At Disease Management Under Defined Contribution
Defined Care, July 2000

IT Boosts HMO Medical Management Efforts
Health Data Management, April 2000

Can the Web Save Disease Management?
Healthcare Informatics, March 2000

Disease Management in the e-health age
Health Internet; March 16, 2000

E-Disease Management Systems; March 13, 2000

Will the Internet Connect or Disconnect  Patients and Physicians?
MCOExecutives, February 2000

Disease Management: A New Paradigm for Managing Care
Hospitals-Doctors, December 1999

Sharing Risks, Sharing Rewards
Healthcare Business, Sept./Oct. 1999

All Bets Are On: Physicians are Using and Accepting the Internet!
Informatics Review, September 1999

What’s Up With ASPs?
Health Informatics Europe , September 1999

Behavioral Disease Management: Preview to a Paradigm Shift
Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow, April 1999

Seize the Disease
Healthcare Informatics, March 1999

The Short, Unhappy Lives of Too Many DM Programs
Managed Care, February 1999

Carve-ins: A Trend in Managed Care?
Medical Economics, February 1999

Carve-in Disease Management Models
Pharma MarketLetter; January 25 1999

Needed: Strategies To Get Physicians To ‘Buy in’ to Disease Management
Managed Care, May 1998

Providers Reap DM Benefits With In-House Programs
Demand and Disease Management, November 1998

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